vendredi 7 juin 2013



          I have painted this one while reading the awesome Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis, wich has been re-issued recently.

This is by far the most interesting book on how to create an illustration that i have read. While it contains some basic informations that we can read somewhere else, like perspective (but sometimes with an original take - "Informal Subdivision" for natural compositions is a good example) it as an hardcore approach while talking about black and white compositions, masses, color dynamic, light and shadow relationship, edges,  etc ...
Loomis doesn't only tell you that it is important to have a strong black and white composition, he details every aspect of the subject with a deep and yet accessible approach.

 Not to mention it is also a superb art book, with lots of amazing illustrations and examples.

What you learn goes beyond illustration and teaches you a lot of things for everybody interested in any type of images. I recommend it for compositing and lighting artists. It definitly helps to avoid the usual tricks. I can't wait and experiment new ways in Nuke and Maya now.

I have got to say that it is going to take me several illustrations to really understand and incorportate Andrew Loomis methods.

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