vendredi 7 juin 2013

The Week End

The week end - illustration

          I started to draw way before learning 3D, while I was a teenager. Back then i wasn't really concerned about volumes, textures and other parameters that obsess most of the people I know in the industry ^^ .

Now that i have a degree in digital 3d blablabla, i kind of want to go back to that "immediate" perception of a picture, without thinking about geometry and render issues.
The thing is, focusing too much on volumes can be counter productive. Every object, every part of an image doesn't have necessarily to pop up. It is ok if a shadow can be described as a flat and strong area and if it is not a collection of subtle volumes due to too much reflective light.
I tend to oppose little volumes to the graphic impact of a strong contrast, or composition in big masses. The use of indirect light often leads to soft contrasts and boring images when a simply structured contrasted image can be read instantly, with great efficiency. 

That is what I'm trying to do for a couple of month now, building differently my lighting and compositions. I like the idea of giving more importance to thumbnails and tiny color comps in the process. Since this is usually the first thing that we do, it tends to be forgotten when comes the lighting part and all its problems.
I find it to be a very interesting exercise since I suddenly have tons of new things to try.

I find the classical american illustrators very inspiring to study compositions in masses (Syd Mead or Austin Briggs for example)

This is my sister on her bed.

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